SuriNoni ltd.
Noni (from Suriname) products company
#concept  #design  #branding
The company's core product, the Noni fruit known as the wonder fruit, for it's medicinal effects.
This company wanted a logo that would give an attractive, healthy, dynamic, colourful, distinctive appeal.
From this point they also commissioned me to make their business card, stationery, product label, posters, flyers and website.

The SuriNoni logo was created using the little white flower of this Noni plant as inspiration. The colours would give the healthy  feeling.

Also very important fact is that the noni product competitors use mainly the asian fruit, so for this campaign was also very important to give a glimpse of the background SuriNoni's noni.

This is the posters which would be placed at the distribution centers and selling points/shops.
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