Reframing Problems to Solutions

Linking Creativity to Contextual Research

Just Like Our Parents
Zaanse Schans
Route to the Zaanse Schans
Policy Brief - EthiopiaNIKAT (NGO) & VU Amsterdam
WTD Wormerland & Energy Café
#SUCCESSFUL INITIATIVE Concept Design; Design Thinking; Social, Environmental, Sustainability, Circular Economy
Electricity Units
Design for Public Space as a tool to impact social behavior, favoring local pride through the use of cultural elements and art, blending with the municipality identity itself.
Nova Fysio & Performance
Branding, Concept, Design, Strategy, Consultancy
Cradle to Cradle Marketplace
Winner branding International Competition
Policy Brief - Kenya VU & NGO's Hoymas, Keswa
Decriminalisation of sex work in Kenya
Scwo Activity guide combined with a moving card
Activity guide combined with moving card announcement.
Amsterdam Dental
Design (product & services), Real -Estate
Biologisch Verbonden
Organic Food Coorperative
Milena Hama
Client wished Lumi hama to boost her existing brand.
Kleurrijk Ondernemen
Entrepreneurship project targeting women and ethnic minorities, initiated by the Municipality of Zaanstad
Client wanted a 'name' and a corporate identity.
Jesus Fuertes
Card used at the Basel Art Fair in the US and also for clients.
Concept and design.
Scwo Website
Design, from concept, structure and information architecture, project management to realisation of the Scwo website.
Cover for guide.
Blue Macaw
Branding, corporate identity and packaging design.
BWB / Brazilian Mango Group
Brazilian mango promotional campaign in different countries in Europe.
Netwerkmarkt Zaanstad
Promotional material for fair.
Create a corporate image using a statue as starting point of this project.
Guitar Academy
Logo to be used at their website and also later to make a real neon at their entrance door.
Hetteling & De Vries
Promotional material in form of an A5 postcard.
Branding for an alternative practitioner.
J. Kallenbach-Hutteman
A philosopher wanted her thesis book design to be done and in addition her business card.
Ommekeer a/d Zaan
restyling of logo and the hole stationery line.
Meeting point for artists and musical artists.
Schools in Amsterdam (CSB, Hermann Wesselink College)
School guide photography.
Scwo collaboration work
Opdracht voor Sociaal Cultureel Centrum Wormerland
SuriNoni ltd
Branding and corporate image of SuriNoni ltd.
Tulip Gakkuen
School album, one year project.
Work agency that wanted a representative brand.
ZV de Ham
promotional swim club flyer
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