Why Lumi?

Hello! I am Lumi... I am a Problem Solver.
I like using Design as a tool, not just to create products or branding, but also to create services, processes, systems, frames, polices, new company cultures or conceptual works. Thus a Designer, but just when content comes before aesthetics.

I am a rich blend of different cultures (Japanese roots, Brazilian & Dutch nationalities) and backgrounds (environmental research, graphic design and design), linking creativity to contextual research and favoring transdisciplinarity and responsible design.

I see myself as a facilitator on the process of transformation on depth, removing boundaries and helping you see through different perspectives. I use an holistic approach and also life & nature inspired principles solutions in combination with design research and various design methodologies (design thinking, vision in design, brand-driven innovation, cradle to cradle, biomimicry), convivial tools, together with intuition.  
My trademarks are: Solving problems or adapting to it, being very proactive and loving get things done.  I create room for interaction and co-working to empower people and situations. Through my work, I want to impact society, environment & circular economy in a positive way.
My Motto is a Japanese saying :  'Mizu no kokoro'
(A state of mind (in balance w/ the heart) similar to water, flowing, reflective & adaptive)
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