Hello! I am Lumi... a problem solver and designer, but just when content comes before aesthetics!

I link creativity (responsible design) to contextual research as a tool to benefit social, environmental and economic sustainability, transdisciplinarity and multifunctionality. Not just to create and develop products or branding, but also to create and develop services, processes, systems, frames, polices, new company cultures or conceptual works. 

I own a rich blend of different cultures (Japanese roots, Brazilian & Dutch nationalities) and different backgrounds (environmental scientific, entrepreneurial and creative), allowing a much broader view and thinking. I see myself as a facilitator on the process of transformation on depth, removing boundaries and helping you/others looking through different perspectives and levels, spotting opportunities, unveiling out of the box insights, thoughts and solutions. 

I use a holistic approach and also life & nature inspired principles solutions in combination with design research and various design methodologies, like vision in design, brand-driven innovation, cradle to cradle, biomimicry, ecological economics, together with convivial tools, critical thinking and intuition as strategy. Furthermore teaming up, but also being pro-active driven, flexible, persistent and creative are also key ingredients to 'getting things done', helping bringing acceleration into processes and strengthening positively all parties in an effective way. Creating room for interaction and co-working to empower people, communities and situations, solving problems or adapting to it.

In this website you can see few of my works, projects, also learn where Lumi Hama stands for.

My Motto is a Japanese saying :  'Mizu no kokoro'
(A state of mind and being , rational and emotional, similar to water... flowing, reflective & adaptive!)
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