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M. Hama is a very well succeeded financial expert, with an excellent professional proven track and experience in companies as UPS, Staples and as CFO at Project A Ventures Latin America.  Next to it M. Hama can be hired as a financial consultant for large & mid-sized companies (of course small businesses can hire also her expertise).

Having a very international education and being a very successful business women, with vast experience and network, M. Hama had first selected another graphic design bureau to develop the name and the corporate identity of her own company. Being not focused on family ties, but goal orientated. At a certain point though, she consulted me (she had already passed the conceptual phase, also with a chosen name, but...), which I strongly advised her to abort the project and therefore did a counterproposal, presenting her a new concept. Proudly she followed my advice and chose stepping to Lumi Hama.

The client wished a strong name which would represent her and her business.
A clean and representative corporate identity, within it's branch, yet with some femininity.
Mpowerment was created, also it's corporate identity... with a very satisfied client!

Business card front
Business card back
Why mpowerment?

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