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Was hired by Amsterdam Dental and effectuated multiple and diverse different projects, varying from Concept development, Graphic design, Project Development Management, Practice Management, HR, real-estate acquisition, Marketing.
Hands on professional, detected problems and solved them one by one. Focus on the broad picture, bringing structure and visible positive results and 30% growth, in already 3months , including the internal processes in invoicing and finance controls, patients recall system, as well as improving communication line with customers and other companies, therefore maximising customer experience, customer first, and logistics, increasing return, also saving and reducing costs. Implemented also new CMR system to improve return. 
Managed in many fronts simultaneously, amongst them: the City Hall, governmental auditing, banks, architect, constructors, suppliers, patients, complaints, employees, employer, with results-oriented.  Took care of hiring, termination, scheduling/ booking, training, assisting, personal assisting.

Real-Estate Acquisition
The owner, an American citizen, wanted to target the expat community in Amsterdam even more directly, buying a new location for his practice more closely to the Japanese and American community.  The negotiation was already ongoing , yet the location was just outside Amsterdam (while the practice name implies Amsterdam as location), in Amstelveen, and offered not such good access for public transport, parking, and as location itself.  Knowing the nearby area very wel,  managed to find another location much more suitable, much easier to access, also by public transport and still in Amsterdam, where the owner got very excited and decided to stop his ongoing negotiation, and finally bought the one I'd found and suggested.
I have led alone the whole process of acquisition of Real-Estate, from choice to negotiation. Managed dropping the acquisition price by 10% of a 6-digit figure. Dealt alone with the bank and was able to get a 20% extra mortgage than a professional real-estate broker himself, who the owner was previously dealing himself. By being creative through showing to the bank the need for extra square meters for expansion, thus increasing the total value of the property, could raise the mortgage on which the cost for the  office reform was included. Also led the process through the appraiser, the notary, the bank, and the seller. 
It shows it has been a very good business. Due to the excellent location, after staying there for almost 5 years, the owner has relocated himself recently to abroad and the practice was easily sold after just within a month, with a profit of almost 30% of the total when then acquired!

Business Card (front) with 2 variation colours -grey and blue-... as the practice is open day and night.
Business Card (back) - clean and also very nice for notes

Logo vertical (contains the 3 crosses which is the symbol of the city of Amsterdam) = Amsterdam Dental

Logo horizontal ( reflects a modern, friendly, up to date, positive dental practice)

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