Atelier for clothing design and workshops
TaNaDe gave me the mission to redesign its brand, but still using their self made typography.
They wanted a new fresh, young, dynamic look.  And also that the new design could bring TanaDe's spirit to the outside! The colours green was also a must for the client.

After de logo had been done, I did the hole stationery, flyers, and the also their website (www.tanade.nl).

Before the rebranding:
This was TanaDe's logotype before redesigning it. 
This was the business card before.
AFTER the rebranding:
In order to contain costs I suggested a multifunctional business card which combined also a stamp card (for the lessons/workshops) and a discount coupon, with perforation to easy detach the coupon.
small sticker
medium sticker
And for the website, TaNaDe wanted a new fresh looking one, but elements as a start page before the home page needed to be kept and also the using 9 blocks idea too.
This was the existing start page...
... and the following home page.
Here is the new redesigned  TanaDe start page...
... and the following home page.

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