Sssmullen - Smakelijk samen smullen 
(Deliciousss - scrumptiously solidaire savouring)
Informal dinner focused on social & environmental sustainability

#Co-work Wormerland Duurzaam #Connecting people through food  #Social resilience #Awareness  #Inclusion
 #Local food & farmers #Seasonal ingredients  #Circularity  #Upcycling  
#Vegetarian & delicious #Organic  #Pop-up trading shop  #Pilot

When supper gets even tastier together, with each other & for each other!

Guests from ALL kind of different backgrounds and ages are gathered together for a delicious meal. Half of the guests are the so-called Sun-guests and the other half the Flower-guests. Sun-guests will bring warmth and light for the ones in need and pay the food for the Flower-guests. A beautiful gesture of solidarity and sympathy.

Because anyone can experience difficult times, at any time!

During supper, all the guests are beautiful Flowers, everyone unique. Everyone will get a name-tag, where just the first name of everyone will be written, removing any kind of status, classes, hierarchy, stickers, definitions, barriers and differences. As we may time to time forget, but everyone is equally vulnerable to any odds!

Social & environmental responsibility 

The ingredients are carefully selected, giving the priority to: Organic, local & sustainable! For the decoration/interior, up-cycled and/or re-used materials. It stimulates the local economy, local farmers and shops, the circularity and a lower CO2-footprint. next to these, it gives room for co-creation among the different involved parties, as the project is very flexible and variable, allowing to anyone organise within their own organisation.

FirstGuests enjoying each other while waiting their meal
Decoration with a beautiful borrowed chandelier; up-cycled table elevation from construction material leftover (feet are done with hangers); re-used GLASS milk bottles, for the water  
Guests entertaining each other! :)
Poster (part of the Sssmullen branding). 
Pop-up trade shop, The Bumblebee, to favour 'pollination' among the guests!  
It is completely up-cycled. :)
Flower NAME-tags, with leftover wool cords.  
In the media, about the project.
Please contact me if you want the project further details and documents to download, to organise Sssmullen in your own community. 

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