BWB / Brazilian Mango Group
European promotion campaign
This was Lumi's very first design project. By then just had experience with photography.
The client wanted a serie of photos where the real Mango-Appeal would be showed. They had already worked with two other photographers without reaching their desired results.  Offering what they wished and acting very pro-actively, the client invited Lumi then to do their whole marketing campaign within a month, which was successfully done.  They wanted to promote the different ways of mango consumption, using flyers and posters which would be distributed at different supermarkets in different countries. 
Brazilian mango producers wanted a promotion campaign for their product in different countries of Europe (NL, EN, FR, GR) and for an international fair in England.

The whole combination with photography, design and also the smart slogan created by Lumi Hama "Man goes for mango" resulted in a very appealing and successful campaign.

 The text with it's final corrections for the folder was delivered by the client.

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